WEBSITES – are they really a commodity?

You know that you need more clients to make your business work.

Dont we all? 🙂

We’re all bombarded constantly with one marketing strategy to the next. The next miracle to save your business!

What are we supposed to do with information? Most of the time it makes me want to bury my head in the sand.

It can easily get overwhelming.

You already have an amazing tool in your arsenal. Something you likely set up when your business was born and then quickly forgot about.

Your website…

WHY are you OK that it just sits there on the digital sphere and gather dust and basically just takes up space? Doing. NOTHING.


Instead of throwing money down the drain you could have a sales machine, doing the work for you, day and night.

When most of us start out in business, we have a mental check list of things we feel that we need to get done before we’re a “real” business.

The checklist is absolutely pointless unless its an INCOME PRODUCING ACTIVITY. Because what’s the point in going networking and spending time and money doing it, if it isn’t going to generate business for us?

You’re doing it to get customers, right? (You are right???)

So the same goes for your website. Why spend the time DIYing your website, or paying a professional to do it for you. (both is an expense, no matter how you look at it. And time is waaaay more valuable than money.) to then leave it to just take up space on the net?

I PROMISE YOU that your website can be the saviour of your business.

I feel like this has turned into a bit of a rant, it isn’t. It’s passion fot something that I honestly feel you can save your business on. It will transform the way you work, if you can just get the foundation right.

Your website can do so much!

Do you really understand the power of your website???

Do you get what it can do for you and your business? You can learn here, next week! EMAIL ME or click below to book on – it’s free!

You’ll learn what you can do to earn more money from your website, and why your website is so important for your business.

If you’re already marketing your business, basically you should have a website.

If you’re putting effort in to get your business “out there” and in front of people. then people expect you to have a website.

People are suspicious, generally, of businesses that don’t invest in their website. Your website is a little bit like your business address, that permanent spot of real estate that people want you to have. A lot of it is down to psychology and how we think. And sometimes (most of the time) our little chimp brains tell us not to trust a business when we dont know you, and your website makes us not trust you. Many of us think, “anyone can set up a Facebook page…”

And really, they can. It’s nothing that is really technically challenging for most people. But building a website is, and i think thats one of the things that make your website a more trustworthy asset.

Anyone really can add a bunch of photos and some test to a prebuilt page.

Your website however, takes some skill, time and thought.

It’s the heart of the business, the base. And from there you can market everything you do, while you sleep!

If you’d like to learn more about how a website can TRANSFORM your business in to something that clients have had to switch off temporarily in order to catch up with enquiries, just get in touch by emailing me or through the form on the contact page

Or, even better, just come along to WEB N WINE on 14th October at 7.30pm, bring a bottle of your fave. Doesn’t have to be boozey, and you’ll learn a ton of useful stuff.

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