How to scale your business by doing less work and helping more people

OK. You want to scale your business…

First things first, WHY scale your business?

Well, here’s why I scaled… A lot of coaches are advertising their services and talking to the same people.

If for example, you’re not clear on who you want to work with, what you’re offering etc. Then that will come across in your marketing.

I say this, because that means that you’ll always come up against the conversation on COST. No matter how valuable your offer is, or how amazing it is, if you’re not clear on what it is, no one will see its value.

(I’ve been here many times – I think it’s clear, and it is amazing – but no one can see it – because I’m not being clear) 

So if you want to have less of that conversation, keep on reading! 

This simple strategy will help you to grow your business, sell more, and not have to spend more time on marketing your business.

The thing is, if you do this and get the low spending clients, you can never really grow as much as you’d like.

There’s more competition for these customers. That’s because most of us aren’t clear in our marketing. We might think we are, but in reality, we know we’re not… because if we were, our products would sell themselves! We’re amazing at what we do, why wouldn’t they?

So what does that tell you? 

It tells you that if most coaches aren’t clear in their marketing, they’re targeting [albeit unwittingly] the low ticket clients. Which means everybody is targeting these clients, which means everyones fighting to give the lowest price to win the work!

However if you get clear on:

  1. your offer
  2. your perfect future customer
  3. your marketing

…you automatically appear more authoritative and people expect to pay more to work with you.

Half the battle is won right there. You see where I’m going?

However, if you focus on the higher paying clients, with your more focused marketing, there’s less competition for one. Cause everyone else, who doesn’t do this work, is still battling it out for the customer that wants to pay peanuts for champagne!

budget v expect

It might feel a little counter intuitive to do this, market to a smaller audience. But just like your Perfect Future Customer, having a person in mind that you’re talking to is reaaaally important.

And of course, remember, everyone has different expectations on costs of good and services. 

What I used to think a website cost to make, and what I know now, are two very different numbers. And no, it didn’t go down the more I’ve learnt – the number went UP ⬆⬆⬆⬆ as I’m sure your prices did as you got better at what you do and more experience.

I did a little explainer video on my theory below. It might help to visualise.

Also remember, that selling to ONE higher paying client will increase you profits.

But that isn’t what I promised here is it?!

I promised MORE CLIENTS, for the same or less marketing effort.

Well, friend. My first call would be to look at your perfect future client. There’s a great download to get you started RIGHT HERE.

It’s a fantastic little formula that will help you work out who you should work with… Really straight forward, it takes all the overwhelm out if it. Cause it took me 3 years to find my audience – I know it can be hard!!

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