how to get more clients

simple, free ways to get more clients

Honestly, this is one of the things I work with people on most. 

It’s like a never ending cycle of looking for clients, serving clients and looking again.

It’s the number one stresser for business owners.


So in the spirit of giving, I thought I’d try and help you get more clients with some of the proven methods I use.

I am a busy mum, and so try and keep it simple, cause, well, you know. Mums are busy as hell, even without a business to run.

celebrating more clients

#1 knowing your audience

Do you know who you’re selling to?

More specifically, do you know who your perfect future customer is?

This is the most important thing about getting more customers. Like anything in life, if you dont know where you’re going, how the hell will you know how to get there, and when you get there???

You wont. And by talking to everyone, you’re actually talking to no one.

So, define who you talk to. If you want the formula for figuring out your ideal client, just click here. Ideal Client Download

#2 is knowing what your pfc needs

A PFC (or perfect future customer) needs what you do. 

But now you know who your customer is, you need to know how it is your biz helps them. What do they need from you that you are an expert in?

Knowing what people you work with need, helps you talk more directly to them in your marketing. It also helps you to create services that they WILL BUY. 

Again, a lot of the time, we painstakingly work on something until its perfect, and launch time rolls around and….

🦗 🦗🦗 🦗 🦗 🦗 🦗 🦗 🦗 🦗

I don’t want that for you. Do the hard stuff that no one else wants to do (research) and make sure what you’re building, people want.

#3 is traffic

I say this an awful lot.

So much that my kids now say it. 🤣

But, there’s absolutely no point in having the best business in the world, if no one knows you exist!!!

It’s sad, but this is said with love.

Get yourself out there sis. Cause people need to know what you do and how you help them.

You’re never gonna sell anything keeping small and quiet. That means stepping out on socials and shouting from the rooftops about what you do. 

And don’t be ashamed. What you do is amazing and it helps others. 

You need to be online.

*disclaimer: Don’t spread yourself too thin. Pick a platform, grow it and then branch out to another, because otherwise you spend all your time shouting about your business and no time doing the work. 

#4 an email list

Socials went down a lot in 2021 👎


Well a lot more than a lot of businesses would’ve liked.

All it did for me was prove that as business owners we need to be prepared for every eventuality (as if 2020 didn’t already teach us that!!) 

You need to be on socials, yes. But you need to connect and get those people you connect with into your email list. Because that way you’re connected. Properly.

And you’re talking directly to them, in their inbox.

So for the love of all things good – get your email list growing please.

#5 a funnel

once they’re in your email list, they’re in your funnel.

So you can keep in touch with them and even sell your services to them.

Obviously don’t send a sales letter every time you get in touch. A nice balance of info, value, humour and sales seems to be the perfect blend. 

About 20% of my emails are sales letters. Every 1 in 4 or 5 emails. Doesn’t p*ss people off too much and it also gets my message out there. But try it and see what works for your business. Your audience could be different.

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