How to build a website that generates leads

a website that brings enquiries in, instead of you having to go and look for them:

I fully believe that your website should be making you money. At the very least, get enquiries coming in to your business.

I’ve said it multiple (a boring number) times, your website has 2 jobs:

job 1: to make you the authority – to make people stand up and listen to what you have to say. And then have faith in it

Job 2: turn those listeners and readers into enquirers – ie them getting in touch and giving you their contact details.

Your website, today, especially today, in this new covid world. A website could be the only window in to your world.

And let’s face it, we all know we need a presence online, that’s a given. However not everyone understands how they can optimise their website to actually make them money and create customers.

If you’re gonna do this, do it and make money, right???

And lead generation is critical to the life long success of your business.

Think about it, on Facebook, LinkedIn and all of the other platforms there is out there, you have all the distractions that come with socials…. peoples photos, other peoples status updates. Dinging here from the DMs and everything else!

Your website is your space, the place that you grab the attention of your customers (and keep it).

But sadly, not everyone knows how to do this…and your website is the heart of your online existence. The centre that everything feeds back to.

I was recently interviewed by Action Coach and genius, Tony Mazzotti (below) on the importance of your website.

the goal is to stop you having to sell, and have people coming to you, wanting to buy.

So before we get people on to your website, which of course is one of the biggest things we need. We need to make sure that your website actually works.

We don’t want to waste all that effort in SEO and digital marketing, for people to exit when they arrive…

That would be a disaster.

The first thing really is, that you need to be memorable. Because as I’ve mentioned, there are that many distractions in our lives today, dings and whatsapps DMs, you have messages and alerts coming form all angles. There isn’t much escape!

So if you blend in, you have no chance. That’s where good design comes in.

Because the visual side is what will appeal to people in the first instance. Then we talk to them and show them we can help.

Capice? 🙂


right, so here are the tips.

So we’re memorable. 

Memorable, as you know is a big deal. 

But you also want to make it easy for people to reach out to you through your website.

things like contact forms, CTA’s and contact buttons. 

You know I’m always talking about having your contact details visible. That isn’t going away any time soon.

Forms are probably the easiest thing for people to fill out, but we want to ask for as little information as possible. And if you can use an autofill on there, even better.

But giving people as many options as possible to contact you is very important. Basically because we’re all different. Some people want to talk on the phone, others would never pick up the phone. Others prefer to talk through Facebook Messenger. 


I know what you’re thinking, but dammit they work!

Funnels in my world are a tool that you use to guide people to purchase. So nothing too complicated, just a nice, simple and predictable way for people to buy from you.

They feel safe for both you and your customers.

2: Dont be afraid to tell people that you’re the person they should work with

when we’re buying, especially online. It’s nice to know that we’re in safe hands. And that we’re making the right choice. The more confident you are (in a confident, not annoying and cocky way – less used car salesman, more trustworthy guide)

3: Testimonials

Do you have other people saying how amazing you are? SHOW US!

We want to see that you have the experience to solve our problems. Someone else saying it is a lot more powerful than you telling us. For obvious reasons. 

Even if its just a photo from your Google or Facebook page. In fact sometimes, that is better. Cause that way you havent written it yourself!

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