How Blogging Can Help Your Business

Do you write a regular blog? Have you ever considered how blogging can help your business?

Have you ever considered how it might help you get traffic to your website and in turn create more business leads?

A blog will help your website get more traffic. Why? It gives you something new to share every time you write one. Not only that, it’s a selling tool.

There are many reasons to blog. Here are 5:

1: It generates traffic. Writing about things that your customers are interested in will help to generate traffic back to your site, grow your following and help your SEO

2: It allows you to build a rapport with new followers. Regular blogging (and sharing your blog) helps peple get to know you and your business. Remember the old, “Know, Like, Trust” saying…? Well it often starts here.

3: It can create opportunities to sell to your following. Adding CTA’s throughout your blog can help you to get potential customers in to your sales funnel.

TIP: Add a CTA within your content. Not just in your sidebar and footer. People are already reading your blog. Adding a call to action to the area they are already in makes it easier to make a connection with them.

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4: STAND OUT: Not many people blog. There are people that blog religously and reap the rewards. And there are people that don’t and their traffic shows it. By blogging you’ll separate yourself from the masses.

5: MAKE MONEY! By blogging you make the most of your website, your customers get to know you and you create regular opportunities to sell to them. A blog can also be monified with advertisements and affiliate marketing.

There are just 5 quick reasons to blog. But there are many more. I’d say that my main reasons to blog are to help my SEO and to keep front of mind with my social media connections.

Writing something valuable will help you gain the trust of your connections and help you to teach them.

Are you asked the same question regularly by your connections. One of those, “can I just pick your brains a moment?” sort of things?

Write a blog answering that question. Then you can point people to that blog, share it on social media, and save yourself the time in keep having to have your brain ‘picked’ (sounds awful, doesn’t it??)

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