Google Update: Is your business ready?

As of June 2021, Google have announced a major update. Major in the sense that this update has indeed been announced.

Usually we miss the announcement completely, and are sat scratching our heads as to why our traffic has taken a nose dive.

Well, this is a public service announcement – you need to make sure your website is slick.

This update is making your website all about the user.


Have you heard about the latest Google update???

It’s time to get things in order…you have until June on this one!

Google are launching a “page experience ranking” and it seems it might be a significant one! Considering these things can slip under the radar [unannounced] and we’re none the wiser until the update has happened and we’re scratching our heads as to where our traffic has gone.

But this time Google have given us TIME TO PREPARE. Thanks Google!

The update will rank pages based largely on ‘Core Web Vitals’ metrics. This is split into:
LCP (Largest Contentful Paint) basically loading speed, your page needs to load in under 2.5 seconds to be successful. This can be achieved by simplifying your layout, animations, and using global font/colour choices across your site.
FID (First Input Delay) this measures interactivity, your page needs to have an FID of 100 milliseconds or less to be user friendly.
CLS (Cumulative Layout Shift) this measures your visual stability, pages should have a CLS of less than 0.1 to be a success. This can be achieved by using correct dimensions for any content on the page, ensuring text renders the correct size, and being wary of third party ads.

As well as HTTPS security, intrusive popups, safe browsing status, and, perhaps most importantly, mobile friendliness.

Websites will be essentially graded on their usability, and positive user experience over time – to show users the websites designed for them.

Thankfully, you can check how your own website scores on these tests by checking out your Core Web Vitals  and optimise your page by investigating which components work, and which don’t, to see opportunities for improvement!

If after all this you don’t get what this means for YOUR business, you just don’t know how to implement it, OR you want even more exclusive tips and tricks to kickstart your website… then SIGN UP for my 4 day DIY Your Website Challenge in my ‘Web n Wine’ Facebook group… or better yet, join me for a completely FREE one-to-one discovery call to talk about YOUR goals, YOUR website, and give YOU a game plan for the road to success!!!!

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