6 reasons you need a website

Your website is an investment. Any small business owner knows this…

YOU know this!

So you sign yourself up to Wix/GoDaddy/Squarespace (your business, your choice BTW, not judging over here!)

And that’s one job ticked off your list… PHEW!

Done that one, now what….but wait, aren’t websites supposed to help your business, take something off your to-do list (which is longer, and gettng longer if you’re anything like me), so having something that works 24/7 for your business, taking tasks off you and generating you income, surely it’s not something that should just be done as quickly as possible, to tick off an item off said to-do list!

It should be planned, and structured, well thought out. There should be a strategy to it. I know, everything has a strategy, and it can all get very dull, planning every element of your life.

It’s exhausting…

But first, I wanted to highlight a few reasons why a website is important. So check out the infographic below from Mintswift. 

It’s pretty simple, and I have some of my own ideas, but I’ll add my own in to another post at a later date.. this is just to get the cogs turning!

If you think your website deserves some love and you think you should be getting more from it, why not book in for a free 30 min chat and see if there’s anything we can do to help it along?

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