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What we did...

Prana Vision are a successful state of the art security camera company based in Manchester in the UK. 

I took over the management of the Prana Vision website and marketing to help gain exposure of the company to generate more sales. 

Month on month we have increased numbers on the website. Which in turn means that we have helped to increase Roy and his teams sales. Which is what a website is all about!

Roy and his team are camera experts, and they don’t really know how to ensure their website does the work for them. The security camera industry is very competitive and getting their brand out there was important to ensure that they hit their targets.

Making sure that the website was as user friendly as possible was key to the success of this project. Making sure visitors could find everything they need from the moment they arrive on the website. 

websites that are built for your customers to buy.

What Roy, the director Thinks....

This testimonial is in appreciation of the excellent service provided by Gemma Murphy of The Website Architect.

I've worked with Gemma over the last few months to increase conversions on my website, AND THAT WE HAVE!

From working with Gemma on creating email campaigns and working on the website, we've increased our figures by 150%

I have realised a website is a living marketing tool and with a little input it can deliver so much more. From weekly blogs to special offers, these small quick and easy updates help keep the site fresh and engaging for new and existing clients.
I would be happy to recommend Gemma to anyone looking for a new ecommerce or static website, or even an existing website.

DO You want you own trasformation?

If your website is looking a little outdated or tired, why not give me a shout and let’s take a look at what we can do!