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What we did

Energy Gain UK was formed in 2008 as a boutique, sustainable, engineering and design studio specialising in net-zero strategies through the execution of renewable energy projects, energy management systems and carbon credit procurement. Their transparent project development and funding services along with rapid project implementation put them at the forefront of the energy sector but they still weren’t getting the conversion they wanted!

We redesigned their website to reflect the modern, boutique, sustainable business and get them their ideal clients.


overcoming problems

Energy Gain were at the cutting edge of sustainable energy but their old website looked dated, unappealing and crucially wasn’t getting them the conversions they needed!

I talked to the owners of Energy Gain and we put together a plan of how they wanted the new website to look and feel. We decided to go for a much more modern and minimalist look to make sure their content wasn’t overshadowed by complicated design. 



The final result of the website is above on the video. You can compare the two in the two videos.

The styling of the new site makes it much easier to see Energy Gain’s accomplishments and business integrity. We went with a clean professional theme, with lots of visuals to give the site a healthy balance of image and text.

What Energy Gain Thinks....

⁠⁠Energy Gain...

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