Starter Website


12 months hosting

x2 email addresses

SSL certificate

mobile friendly

top rated apps

Starter Website


A 3 – 5 page starter website that will make sure your customers can find you online.

This website is designed to work on all devices

Keep it simple and keep everything in one place with 12 months hosting (no extra monthly payments) and x2 email addresses

*T&C’s apply: on all start up websites, there is only one revision. All amends must be sent in a list via email. All amends must be included in this one email, if there are any more after this round then they will be chargeable.

Web Architect will keep your website up to date and check for errors for the first 30 days after the website goes live. After that the website is the owners responibility.

30 days before the 12 months hosting is up, you will be notified of your hosting coming to the end of the term. You will then have a choice on whether to stay with me or move your hosting to another provider,



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