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What we did

The old website just wasn’t working for Eternity Tree. They were having a bounce rate of 98% across all devices.

And when spending money on ads with Google, that can be a little soul destroying! So I spoke spoke with the owners of The Eternity Tree and we came up with their goals for the website. Being a mostly online team, and working globally, it was essential that they had something they work with for the business goals and to grow as a company.

the eternity tree
the eternity tree


overcoming problems

The Eternity Tree was getting no enquiries from the website.


Spending money on ads every day through Google was just a complete waste of cash.

If you have a website that doesn’t actually convert visitors in to contacts, then you have a problem. To be honest, there’s not really much point in having a website if  100% of the people that visit don’t enquire.

You should be converting around 15 – 25% of the people that visit your website – ESPECIALLY if you’re spending money on adverts or PPC!

What I’m trying to say here, is that before you spend money on getting found, it’s wise to make sure the website you have will do the work you need it to do (get people to take action!)

This is what we did for Eternity Tree.

What The Eternity Tree Thinks....

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